The HELEN Campaign: A Smashing Success

The final results of the crowdfunding campaign for the Dell Sisters' terrifying new short film HELEN are in, and it was a huge success! How much so? Here are the highlights:

  • They raised $7,013

  • That’s 200% of their original goal!

  • They set the record for fastest Seed&Spark campaign to fully finance ever, doing so in the first 12 hours!

  • Emily published an article about the crowdfunding experience on the Huffington Post and Screencraft

  • They caught some great press with horror hub Dread Central documenting HELEN’s success on their website, and Sci-Fi Talk having us on their Podcast

  • They hit all their original financing goals: Color Correction, Festival Submission Fees, Visual Effects

  • They also raised enough for their Sound Design and Festival Travel stretch goals!

Needless to say it was a special few weeks. The Dell Sisters can’t thank their tremendous supporters enough, whose contributions will enable them to make HELEN look and sound terrifying in front of audiences across the country.

But the fun is only beginning! As they embark on post-production and the film's festival run, the Dells encourage everyone to jump over to Seed&Spark and FOLLOW the project! Doing so will allow you to receive updates on festival premieres and screenings, and have access to cool behind the scenes footage.

Head over to Seed&Spark today and follow the project by clicking Here!

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