"Romeo & Juliet and Guns"

We are geeked-out giddy to announce the launch of Emily’s comic book Romeo & Juliet and Guns. A twist on the classic Shakespeare, set in an ultramodern world of assassins and intrigue – the Bard’s true legacy. Want to read more? Preview pages 1-through-5 HERE.

This is in partnership with female-owned Comic Book Company Emet Comics.

Romeo & Juliet and Guns is drawn and colored by women – the amazing Mollie Helms and Ceci de la Cruz.

And we need your help —

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE by entering your email in the box at the top of THIS LINK.

Subscriptions are how true fans show show their support and give indie publishers proof of strength in the face of big publishers.

It has been an inspiring creative journey that is just beginning. Stay tuned as we meet Ophelia, Prospero, Lady Macbeth and many more! And by subscribing to Emet Comics you’ll get early access to the new books we’ve created, interviews with comic book creators, and bonus artwork.


A few favorite parting lines: “Dreamers often lie // In bed asleep, while they do dream things true” — W.S., R&J “Well-behaved girls rarely make history” — Emet Comics

xoxo Emily & Elizabeth @EmilyxDell @ElizabethDell

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