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High School is Monstrous.

Created by the Dell Sisters; Written, Directed and Edited by Emily Dell; Produced by Elizabeth Dell


B-GIRL tells the modern day story of a brilliant young female dancer forced to find her inner strength through the one art form she knows - Breaking. B-GIRL is the story of Angel's journey - not to a destination, but to the woman she once was. This b-girl has to learn how to be

Created by the Dell Sisters; Written and Directed by Emily Dell; Produced by Elizabeth Dell


Two people not meant for anyone are brought together by fate and spend the weekend together at a Destination Wedding.

Produced by Elizabeth Dell


Verona is a story of violence, passion, and young love. Set in modern-day Verona, the Montoyas and Capulets are warring assassin clans, serving contracts for Henrys, Hamlets, and MacBeths. When Jo Capulet and Roman Montoya are thrown together after a mission gone wrong, they see in each other a chance for a new life, even if it means destroying everyone in their path.

Author Emily Dell