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Emily Heads to Vancouver to shadow on Arrow

Emily is currently in Vancouver, Canada shadowing Director Andi Armaganian on the CW's Hit series Arrow for Episode 710. Today she scouted, worked on breakdowns, attended graphics meetings and picture car meetings.

Destination Wedding opens in Hong Kong!!

Destination Wedding is taking Asia by storm! Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves were all over Hong Kong theaters this weekend. The film will also open soon on mainland China. This follows successful theatrical releases in Russia, Germany, Middle East, Turkey, Malasia, Singapore and more!

MONSTERS from the Dell Sisters!

Troubled Youth Season One Launches TODAY. Remember that cute monster FLUFFY and her Evil Cheerleader EVA? TROUBLED YOUTH now has over EIGHT MILLION views! High School is Monstrous. The Dell Sisters have teamed back up with CryptTV to create another episode of monsters. The new episode launched TODAY. WATCH IT NOW (Take your time, we'll wait) Please spread the word. When sharing on social media, please TAG US! @CryptTV @DellSisters #MonstersWithin #CryptFamily #TroubledYouth @EmilyxDell @Elizabethdell_la You are all the best. Fluffy could just eat you up. Really. With love from Hollywood, The Dell Sisters

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