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Comic Book Launch PARTY!

Are you in Hollywood TONIGHT?? If yes please join us for the Official Launch of "ROMEO & JULIET AND GUNS"!! Yes starting Wednesday September 16th the comic book will be available to the public, at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd or buy the digital and print version online. A few lucky fans got a sneek preview of "RJ&G" this past weekend at Long Beach Comic Con. There were author signings, fans, press and Emily spoke on a panel Sunday about "Empowering Diverse Voices through Comics." Many thanks to trailblazing publisher Emet Comics. Making this comic has been a creative, snarky, geeky wild ride and now it's time to CELEBRATE! Please JOIN US :) xo Emily

Elizabeth Dell, noted INNOVATOR!

Following the experience of being named an IVY Innovator Award in Film Finalist, Elizabeth published a piece on innovation for the female-penned entertainment website Ms. in the Biz. In the article, titled “The New, New Thing in Film: Innovation”, Elizabeth offers insights on the changing marketplace of entertainment, and shares lessons learned from her fellow trailblazing nominees. “The old definitions of our industry have broken down…” she writes, “[but] we innovators will continue to reinvent formats, technologies and delivery systems…[because] the world loves content, loves great stories, and we love them too.” For her work in producing female-driven action films for both Western and Chi

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